ABC’s of Golf Pilates

A for Alignment

Getting your joints in the right position is essential for a good golf swing. It is also the first thing you look at in Pilates.

B for Breathing

Correct breathing technique will help you connect to your core muscles, relax the body and rotate better in the golf swing.

C for Core connection

Strengthening your core muscles and understanding how the core works with the rest of the spine is essential for longevity.

S for Spine

The most important part of the ABC’S. Pilates challenges spinal positions with leg and arm movements to help improve your game.

Why so important for golf?

Pilates has many benefits including helping to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury, as well as improve your performance.

Pilates breathing stretches the small muscles between the ribs. This is perfect for golfers as we have least flexibility in this area of the spine, stretching them increases a golfer’s ability to rotate.

Confidence on the course

Golfers of all levels have bad days on the course. Shoulders move forward, the head drops, and then the swing goes. Train your body and mind so despite a bad shot you are in control of your posture! You walk tall, focus on your breathing routine and alignment.

Ball striking & distance control

If your ball striking is lacking there could be potential physical causes that could be improved by Pilates exercises. See images of common swing faults.

Chicken Wings
Reverse Spine
Swing Fault Scooping


Where to start


Access to recorded videos to build up your flexibility and strength with Golf Pilates. If you have an injury or something specific you want to work on, contact us first.

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Golf Pilates


To improve your golf you need to commit. Private sessions help you focus, target muscle groups and change movement patterns. Online and in person.

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Workplace Exercise


If you prefer to learn face to face we have a few venues open in Surrey (carefully following Covid19 safety guidelines). Weekly classes and monthly workshops.

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5 Week Programme

In five weeks you will learn techniques to keep your joints healthy, work the right muscle groups and increase flexibility. Pilates is best learnt in a programme to see noticeable improvements. Your level of Pilates will depend on your current fitness level, existing injuries and how much time you spend to train the body. Go to BOOK NOW to sign up today!

10 Week Programme

The 10 week programme gives you more in-depth skills and you will start noticing different muscle tone, improvement in posture and alignment of joints. You will also have an opportunity to discuss your current golf-swing and any improvements or changes you are trying to make with Linda. Go to BOOK NOW to sign up today!

Book Live Zoom Class


There are different options to start learning about Pilates. You can book individual private classes online or in person at our studios, or even book a home visit. You can also book a Pilates instructor for a company golf day, events and retreats in the UK and abroad.

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We teach face to face at our studios in Surrey, UK, at the ZH Studio Surbiton and the ZH Wellness Club Esher. The Intelligent Core works with several golf clubs including The Wisley, Surbiton GC, Wimbledon Park GC, Tyrrells Wood GC and Coombe Wood GC.

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‘In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference and in thirty you’ll have a new body’

Joseph Pilates

‘The Body Control Pilates for Golfers programme is really effective for improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. It helps to promote quality, range and control of movement and to enhance the golf swing.’

Dr. Andrew Murray
Sports Exercise Medicine Doctor, Challenge and European Golf Tour



“I went out to play in the afternoon medal straight after our pilates session. I ended up with 38 points winning the Division 2 section! I feel a connection with my core muscles playing straight after pilates. A normal stretch before playing does not necessarily stimulate that connection in such an obvious way.”

Gary Ayres, Surbiton Golf Club member

“Really enjoyed yesterday’s class and managed to win my match convincingly, playing 3 shots under my handicap! If that’s the effect of doing Pilates beforehand, then I will become very keen indeed!”

Sally Coryn, Wimbledon Park Golf Club member

“I always thought Pilates was mainly for people who need rehabilitation after injury. Linda helped me understand that correcting the alignment of my joints and focus on moving correctly would help me stay injury free. Linda is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She knows what level to take me to so that I feel that I have achieved something. That’s not easy when you are used to lifting heavy weight.”

Daniel Smethurst, Manager B2B UK&I Professional Services Sales Team, the FT

“Linda’s passion for Pilates is impossible to disguise, and combined with her knowledge of golf, her technique and teaching style are unbeatable. Since I’ve had Pilate’s sessions with Linda, my physical movement has improved dramatically and I’ve seen the evidence in my golf scores.”

Cyrus Shroff, Broadcast Project Manager

“After one session my game has increased greatly. My ball contact, swing and setup feels great. Look forward to more sessions with Linda where exercise is combined with golf tuition.”

Ravinder Lall, Digital Mobile Specialist, Vantage London