Improve Health & Find Balance

The programme doesn’t just benefit your existing staff – future employees will see your organisation as a great place to work.

Improve Health

The annual economic cost of sickness absence and worklessness is estimated to be over £100 billion.

Physical Health

One in four of UK employees reported having a physical health condition.

Quality of life

One in 10 UK employees report having musculoskeletal conditions (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems) which cause 28.2 million days lost (21% of sickness absences).


The percentage of UK employees with a health condition, who felt their condition affected their work ‘a great deal’ or ‘to some extent’.

Healthy Workforce


Pilates training improves physical fitness for people in sedentary roles. It can also help release pressure and stress, encouraging mental wellbeing.

Research shows staff return to their desks calmer with improved concentration, enhanced problem-solving abilities and better able to focus on the demands of the job.

All these benefits from Pilates can also reduce the number of sick days leading to a more productive workforce. 

Discover better ways of sitting, better posture and breathing techniques, all designed to help maintain health and improve mental focus whilst working.

Many of the exercises are designed so that they can actually be done whilst sitting at a desk.

Workplace Wellness Event


An initial talk about wellness at work and/or working at home

Inspirational, interactive workshops (one-off or series) offering wellness through Pilates exercises or alternatively adding Pilates classes for a company wellness event

  • Choose online or in person
  • Any group size online or small groups in person
  • Select before-work, lunchtime or after-work
  • Decide on duration – 45, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Investment – from £250-£450 

Pilates classes online (weekly) help your employees maintain their fitness and resilience. They go back to their desks feeling energetic, focused and ready to produce their very best work.

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Workplace Exercise


Pilates for the workplace can:

Improve posture – lowering the risk of back and neck pain

Boost mental health – improving happiness and self-esteem

Improve focus, concentration and problem solving – increasing productivity

Help to reduce stress and anxiety – leading to fewer absences

Raise energy levels – increasing capacity for work

The wellness programme is cost-positive for your business because the time they spend in a Pilates session is made back through improved productivity.

Meet the team

Speakers & Instructors

About Linda

Linda Segerstam is a Pilates instructor with a corporate background, speaker for large audiences and writer for national magazines. She set up The Intelligent Core in 2014, after 15 years as a manager for two global companies, Callaway Golf Europe and the Financial Times.

Linda’s energetic talks and seminars is a great addition to company Wellness Programmes. Linda and her team offer a thorough analysis of your company’s needs to help you and your team create a healthy workforce and an amazing place to work.

About Zoe

Zoe Hodgson is a Pilates Institute and Precision Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor with a long list of qualifications. She has worked for corporate companies, television, back health clinics and hospitals for many years. She also trained part of the GB Mens’s Hockey team who went on to win a Medal at the Olympic Games!

With 25 years of teaching, Zoe is a highly experienced presenter. Her unique Zoe Hodgson Pilates training Method always give clients that bit of extra to make them feel challenged and invigorated.



“I went out to play in the afternoon medal straight after our pilates session. I ended up with 38 points winning the Division 2 section! I feel a connection with my core muscles playing straight after pilates. A normal stretch before playing does not necessarily stimulate that connection in such an obvious way.”

Gary Ayres, Surbiton Golf Club member

“Really enjoyed yesterday’s class and managed to win my match convincingly, playing 3 shots under my handicap! If that’s the effect of doing Pilates beforehand, then I will become very keen indeed!”

Sally Coryn, Wimbledon Park Golf Club member

“I always thought Pilates was mainly for people who need rehabilitation after injury. Linda helped me understand that correcting the alignment of my joints and focus on moving correctly would help me stay injury free. Linda is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She knows what level to take me to so that I feel that I have achieved something. That’s not easy when you are used to lifting heavy weight.”

Daniel Smethurst, Manager B2B UK&I Professional Services Sales Team, the FT

“Linda’s passion for Pilates is impossible to disguise, and combined with her knowledge of golf, her technique and teaching style are unbeatable. Since I’ve had Pilate’s sessions with Linda, my physical movement has improved dramatically and I’ve seen the evidence in my golf scores.”

Cyrus Shroff, Broadcast Project Manager

“After one session my game has increased greatly. My ball contact, swing and setup feels great. Look forward to more sessions with Linda where exercise is combined with golf tuition.”

Ravinder Lall, Digital Mobile Specialist, Vantage London