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The Intelligent Core

Linda Segerstam Picture

Linda Segerstam

Director, Founder & Coach

Linda’s passion for getting you in the best shape of your life is evident from the feedback from her clients. Her positive energy will help you transform!

Linda Segerstam Picture

Jenny Segerstam

Finance Director & Coach

Jenny’s brilliant mind was working for top legal firms in London before she moved into Wellness Coaching to help others find work life balance.

Linda Segerstam Picture

Andy Gealy

PGA Professional & Adviser

Andy is a seasoned PGA professional and has travelled the world to promote and teach golf, working for the R&A, European Tour, the Olympics and more.

The Intelligent Core

The company was founded by Linda Segerstam to provide movement training for golfers and introduce corporate wellness. We have recently expanded into holistic ways of improving mental and physical strength for individuals. The team has experience to teach everyone from the beginner non-sports person to the advanced golfer on how to condition your body to perform your sport.

Our Values

We are dedicated to inspiring our clients to achieve optimum results physically and mentally and as a company we continuously evolve to provide up-to-date, safe and individual-focused training based on the Pilates principles. The Intelligent Core training is more than just a workout. It is a safe and highly effective way to strengthen, stretch and streamline your body without adding bulk.

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