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Mind Body Exercise

Balance Your Mind

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Strong Body Happy Mind

Strong Core

Strong Body Happy Mind

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Golf Pilates

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Strong Body Happy Mind

Healthy Back

Mind & Body

Our approach is to work with the individual mixing exercises for your mind and body with instant and long term effects. Learning how to feel awed at things around you, WOW, can help reduce stress and worry, and possibly reduce inflammation in the body. Mind Hacking teaches you how to reprogram your thinking to give you increased mental efficiency and happiness. Forest bathing has been shown to lower your heart and blood pressure with positive effects on your mood, including reducing feelings of anxiety and decreasing fatigue. We will try to bring some of the forest to you in our online classes and give you tips on how to make the most of the relaxing effects of the nature around you.

Pilates Workouts

Pilates Rolldown

Taster Videos

Are you new to Pilates? Pilates is a great form of exercise that has lots of different layers depending on your level of technique and strength. Contact us for a personalised programme or sign up to the Video Library for tutorials. Beginner Live Zoom classes also available.

Mind Body Pilates Balance

Balance Workouts

Lack of balance can have many reasons, some you can improve on. Balance starts with a solid foundation so having the right programme to work the muscles that support the body from the feet up is the way to start. Contact us for a Pilates programme or watch tutorials in the video library.

Pilates Exercise Leg Lift

Improve Your Posture

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, your posture is important for long-term health and also makes you look confident and strong. Personalised programme online or sign up to the Video Library or live Zoom classes.

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What is Facial Yoga?

Facial Yoga combines beauty, fitness, wellness and holistic living. We teach techniques and exercises to tone and stimulate the 57 muscles in your face and neck in order to lift, sculpt and tighten. Facial Yoga is entirely natural and the techniques we use are non invasive. Facial Yoga also puts great emphasis on relaxation and wellbeing techniques to calm the mind and de-stress the body.


Choose which areas you want to tone

Mind Body Pilates Glutes

Glutes & Legs

Pilates is a great form of exercise that has lots of different layers depending on your level of technique and strength.

Mind Body Pilates Core

Stomach & Back

Pilates is a great form of exercise that has lots of different layers depending on your level of technique and strength.

Mind Body Pilates Cobra

Neck & Shoulders

Pilates is a great form of exercise that has lots of different layers depending on your level of technique and strength.

Strong Body Happy Mind


Join live classes to learn how to release tension, stress and feel relaxed, improve your breathing technique.

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Personal attention with a trainer helps you focus and improve quicker. Face to face or online via Zoom/FaceTime.

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Pilates Live Classes


Increase your fitness level & resilience with live classes. Mind & Body classes, online and in person, all levels.


About Jenny and Linda

Jenny Segerstam worked for global corporations for many years, developing procedures and managing people before changing career. Jenny created the Resilience programme for Mind & Body to help you become stronger mentally and physically. The programme offers: Breathing techniques, Facial Yoga, Pilates and Wellness Coaching (including WoW effect, Mind Hacking and Forest Bathing!).

Linda Segerstam is an experienced Pilates instructor with a specialty in Healthy Backs. She set up The Intelligent Core in 2014, after 15 years as a manager for two global companies, Callaway Golf Europe and the Financial Times. She teaches you how Pilates can help change your body shape, energy levels and outlook on life.



“I went out to play in the afternoon medal straight after our pilates session. I ended up with 38 points winning the Division 2 section! I feel a connection with my core muscles playing straight after pilates. A normal stretch before playing does not necessarily stimulate that connection in such an obvious way.”

Gary Ayres, Surbiton Golf Club member

“Really enjoyed yesterday’s class and managed to win my match convincingly, playing 3 shots under my handicap! If that’s the effect of doing Pilates beforehand, then I will become very keen indeed!”

Sally Coryn, Wimbledon Park Golf Club member

“I always thought Pilates was mainly for people who need rehabilitation after injury. Linda helped me understand that correcting the alignment of my joints and focus on moving correctly would help me stay injury free. Linda is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She knows what level to take me to so that I feel that I have achieved something. That’s not easy when you are used to lifting heavy weight.”

Daniel Smethurst, Manager B2B UK&I Professional Services Sales Team, the FT

“Linda’s passion for Pilates is impossible to disguise, and combined with her knowledge of golf, her technique and teaching style are unbeatable. Since I’ve had Pilate’s sessions with Linda, my physical movement has improved dramatically and I’ve seen the evidence in my golf scores.”

Cyrus Shroff, Broadcast Project Manager

“After one session my game has increased greatly. My ball contact, swing and setup feels great. Look forward to more sessions with Linda where exercise is combined with golf tuition.”

Ravinder Lall, Digital Mobile Specialist, Vantage London