Packages available for online Zoom/Facetime private lessons and outdoors at the Pilates Pavilion Esher studio or in your own garden for both golfers and non-golfers. Customised video and instruction programme included for 10 session package.

Gold – 10 x 1hr5min sessions £650 studio £650 home visit*

Silver – 6 x 55min sessions £390 studio £420 home visit*

Bronze – 3 x 55min sessions £195 studio £225 home visit*

Zoom / FaceTime packages available for 30min and 45min sessions.

The programme is built around the following:

  • Alignment and mobility in all joints
  • Breathing techniques to aid movement
  • Core stability to support back health
  • Work on abdominal and glute muscle strength
  • Improved upper body rotation
  • Rehabilitation from injury

*The home visit price depends on the distance from KT1 with an additional cost for longer journeys. Enquire for more information.

Andy Gealy is the in-house PGA golf professional giving golf advice to Pilates for golf clients. Linda and Andy work together to help you become a fitter and better golfer. Custom packages available both in the UK and abroad to work on your golf game and physical strength.

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+44 7930 866076



“I went out to play in the afternoon medal straight after our pilates session. I ended up with 38 points winning the Division 2 section! I feel a connection with my core muscles playing straight after pilates. A normal stretch before playing does not necessarily stimulate that connection in such an obvious way.”

Gary Ayres, Surbiton Golf Club member

“Really enjoyed yesterday’s class and managed to win my match convincingly, playing 3 shots under my handicap! If that’s the effect of doing Pilates beforehand, then I will become very keen indeed!”

Sally Coryn, Wimbledon Park Golf Club member

“I always thought Pilates was mainly for people who need rehabilitation after injury. Linda helped me understand that correcting the alignment of my joints and focus on moving correctly would help me stay injury free. Linda is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She knows what level to take me to so that I feel that I have achieved something. That’s not easy when you are used to lifting heavy weight.”

Daniel Smethurst, Manager B2B UK&I Professional Services Sales Team, the FT

“Linda’s passion for Pilates is impossible to disguise, and combined with her knowledge of golf, her technique and teaching style are unbeatable. Since I’ve had Pilate’s sessions with Linda, my physical movement has improved dramatically and I’ve seen the evidence in my golf scores.”

Cyrus Shroff, Broadcast Project Manager

“After one session my game has increased greatly. My ball contact, swing and setup feels great. Look forward to more sessions with Linda where exercise is combined with golf tuition.”

Ravinder Lall, Digital Mobile Specialist, Vantage London